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CooLanyard BALLS
Single Point Neck Strap

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Ship Notes: This item allows user to cinch up on camera placement during non use. Click the secure break away release and gain a full 6 inches of additional length courtesy of your new found balls! The stainless steel balls look heavy but are light weight with the ability to secure up to 175 lbs. Finally, balls with balls!! Incredibly fluid absolutely goes with the flow. Topping it off is the look of a very cool light weigh full duty design. Length 28 inches + additional 6 inches on demand. Break away has 6 lbs holding power. Black Cord is 3/16 inch PolyE self drying wickable material. This is a bright design for the right person! Any model camera that will take a spring ring at the connection port is ideal canidate for CooLanyard Balls.

WHY BALLS? - Camera swing out can snag in the real world, stooping or bending for the active photographer can mean smacking the camera on the pavement. I do not like to mention the time I dunked my camera into my chili dog. Those image makers with children have an entirely unique set of problems when it comes to camera swing out (spend $400 and the kid thinks you gotta Fisher Price neck toy). CooLanyard Balls solves all these problems with the added benefit of allowing the photographer to hide the camera under a shirt then instantly and discreetly producing camera during a kodak moment!

FYI: The solid ring is a great place to park sunglasses. Plus go strapless instantly by detaching CooLink at ballchain!

NOTE: Camera connection port must accept spring ring for CooLanyard attachment. If you have any question contact us for determination.

Finally, there is a light weight full duty strap that will increase camera security and actually adds to the creative process called digital image making!

Great for Cellphone,Camera,MP3 Player - PLEASE BUY NOW!







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Camera Not Included

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